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Installaiton exhibited for the Camberwell College of Art Graduate Summer Show 2015.  


Blinding, 2015

Size: 110cm x 160cm x 30cm

Description: Venetian blinds, sheet Aluminium and fixings


Staged Protection, 2015

A staged series of soap casts and vacuum forms originating from a single piece of packaging. Screen 180 sqcm, wall piece 180

sqcm and floor piece 40 cubic cm

One element of Staged Protection was selected to be exhibited 

at CNB Gallery as part of the HIX Award Exhibition (7th Aug-3rd Sept, 2015).  I called it "The Colours reminded me of sushi.."

The colours reminded me of sushi... (2015)

Soap, vacuum formed plastic, board and powder coated aluminium

Dims: 38cm x38cm x48cm


 "The colours reminded me of sushi.." is one element of this larger body of work, for which the starting point was the seductive, vacuum form packaging of a hose attachment from a DIY store.   My processes explored and extrapolated the impressive and complete arch shape chosen to present the merchandise as well as the shiny, organic surface of the vacuum formed plastic.   


My decision making processes indulged in the possibilities of both the material as well as the possible meanings of the work while the original object was being repeatedly altered and reproduced in the studio. 


Ultimately, with its seductive material qualities, the work becomes a collage of surface, form and pictures in the mind.  By highlighting and disrupting the usual flow of visual information designed for everyday purpose, this work is intended to investigate the theatre of designed obects we surround ourselves with.

Installation views of Staged Protection 2015


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