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Emma-Marlk-20221971 copy 2.jpg

Creation Fiction

Glazed terracotta vessel (H=50cm) with felt trim and embedded film on tablet device (07:42) with cable, alongside a glazed porcelain vessel. Through the vessel mouth you see a film playing on loop that evokes alternative fictions of the clay-making act.

Creation Fiction 

top view -film with sound is viewed through the vessel mouth.

Emma-Marlk-20221982 copy 2.jpg

Creation Fiction 

This work creates a space for you to reimagine the making act from new perspectives.  When you look through the vessel mouth you will see a film that searches for a clay’s-eye-view of the vessel’s becoming.  Instead of the god-like gaze of a maker looking down upon their creation I journeyed inside the vessel and filmed upwards during the building process.  The film evokes alternative fictions that decentre the human in our creation narratives and challenges our understanding of how a pot or any thing comes into being.


Film with sound plays on loop (00:07:42)

Emma Marks Image 3 - Creation Fictions - still image of film viewed inside vessel mouth  c
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