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Capture-Rapture 2015


Soap is cast as industrial strip lighting.  

The effect of the clear soap over the opaque soap combined with the imprint of the strip light surface results in an ethereal glow from these objects, best experienced in person.  

Capture-Rapture invites us to look again at the simple man-made objects that set the scene for our experience of living.



Capture-Rapture, 2015

Soap, pigment, fragrance and Aluminium Rods, 3 x (10cm x 15cm x 180cm)

Capture-Rapture 2015

Soap, pigment, fragrence and Aluminium Rods

3 x (10cm x 15cm x 180cm)

Installation view of Capture-Rapture on show at the East Sussex Open 2016 in Towner Art Gallery  
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